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Brain Trust by Colm A. Kelleher Ph.D.  

"Best Medical Thriller in Years" Medical Post April 2006

Brain Trust

BRAIN TRUST is a medical detective story that traces the origin and spread of the deadly infectious prions that cause Mad Cow disease as they jumped species and ended up in America’s food supply. It also shows how human Mad Cow disease is hidden in the current epidemic of Alzheimer’s Disease.

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By exposing the devastating truth about Mad Cow Disease, including revealing a second prion epidemic in the nation’s deer, elk and other wildlife, BRAIN TRUST inoculates Americans with an effective cure: The Truth.

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  Mad Cow Disease, a Coming Public Health Emergency in the United States?

  • In Britain in the 1990s, over 100,000 cows were infected with Mad Cow Disease and over 1 million animals were slaughtered as a result. Then Agriculture Minister John Gummer posed with his daughter Cordelia eating hamburgers to assure the anxious British public that eating beef was safe. And a few months later, scores of young people began to die of Mad Cow Disease.
  • On May 20, 2003 the Canadian Government announced the first case of Mad Cow Disease in Canada. Two days later, then prime Minister Jean Chretien posed in a restaurant in Ottawa as he put a large gob of steak into his mouth to assure the anxious Canadian public that eating beef was safe.
  • In December 2003, the first case of Mad Cow Disease arrived in the United States. The USDA and the CDC assured the anxious American public that eating beef was safe.
  • Is there a pattern here?

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