Online Gaming – The New Age Gambling

Online gambling is the virtual counterpart of physical gambling. It is similar to that of the usual gambling which involves taking risks of betting real money in the hope of winning more money, with the only difference being all the transactions are done over the internet. With high-speed internet access to most people and the mobile-friendly apps developed by the gambling sites, there is a surge in online gambling. The various effects such as sounds, visual effects and the enthusiasm provided by the sites are the driving factors for the online gaming participants. There are three main types of online gambling: บ่อน ออนไลน์, poker and sports betting.


  • The online casinos are generally conducted on the platforms that are developed by the hosting sites.
  •  Some casinos use platforms like Flash instead of their apps. Participants can register their slots with a mere click on their mobile phones, transfer real money into the host accounts, and start gaming. 
  • Online casinos provide various options like roulette, blackjack, slots and many more options for the players.
  • With more secured mobile apps and payment gateways, players get to access the casino without time restrictions, thus increasing the amount of time and money spent on casinos.
  • Another feature of online casinos to simulate the physical ones is providing a live dealer option.



  • Online poker attracts its players with one significant feature, i.e., the opportunity to play without betting actual money and gaining experience in order to play with real money. Though the players would not receive any money won through the practise games, it is still admired in terms of the experience it provides.
  • Online poker is very similar to the casino poker where one can bet real money in exchange for chips and withdraw the money whenever desired.
  • The player can participate in the game with a bet as trivial as few dollars which is an added benefit to attract the participants.


Sports betting


  • Sports betting is betting money on the teams of a game or tournament wherein the participants betting for the winning team gains money and the participants vouching for the losing team loses the money.
  • Sports betting has been prevalent in online games and reputed tournaments like boxing, soccer, motorsports, etc. In India, IPL is the biggest pave the way for sports betting.
  • Online sports betting, like online poker, provides a platform for initial users to bet without investing any money to get an idea of the betting process and various tricks and tactics involved. But the money, even if won, cannot be redeemed in these practice betting games.


Though gambling is made illegal in many countries, participants can always rely on online gaming as a fall-back option to gamble on. It is completely the user’s responsibility not to cross the fine line of game enthusiasm and fall prey to the various fraudulent activities. Being responsible while playing these games is extremely significant.